LifeComp’s platform is probably the most advanced platform for preventive digital algorithm-based health analysis – or modern health check-up in short.

At the forefront both medically and technologically, to deliver the best health analysis in the world.

Using the power of computers and algorithms to bring health data analysis to a level that no human can reach, at a fraction of the cost of using doctors and health experts for each individual analysis.

LifeComp’s platform:

1. Collects data
2. Analyzes data
3. Presents results
4. Guides the user


LifeComp’s platform adds instant value to your new or existing services, with seamless adaption to your system.

You can upgrade your business with cutting edge modern analysis of health data – easy, cost efficient and with minimal systems development.

Use Cases


Lower compensation payments and better risk analysis, by more information and policyholders simply staying healthy. Furthermore, an added source of revenue for the insurance brokers, and possiblity to outsource expensive tech development, data management, and health expertise.

Health Exam Providers

LifeComp can provide a complete tried and tested white label system for modern data-driven health analysis, including online advanced online surveys and function tests together with blood analysis.

For occupational health care, health coaches, gyms etc. Either to upgrade your existing services, or to start up a completely new business area.

Health apps

Moving your users from Freemium to Premium. Seamlessly apply an individual health analysis in some form ta add value to the app, and/or validate the need for it.

Public Health

An extremely cost effective screening tool for both assessing health related needs for tomorrow on aggregated group level …
… as well as addressing the exact needs today on the individual level to keep people healthy.

Implementing the pro-active preventive approach towards the enormous financial and human costs of poor health.

Telecom / Electricity / etc
(all companies with large consumer customer base)

Use case example:
Free health analysis to ALL customers – sponsored by medical companies for access to anonymized health data.


Please contact us for information on how you in no time can add significant value to your business, customers and patients.

About LifeComp

LifeComp is a Swedish health tech company that, with the help of modern digital technology and methodology, enables individuals as well as companies to easily keep track of and improve health.

LifeComp finds health problems in time and then provides support for a healthier and better life – to simply be healthy instead of dealing with the problems when you have already become ill.

The goal is to Add 10 Healthy Years to everyone’s life – which also supports the UN’s sustainable development goals, Agenda 2030.

Strong scientific evidence indicate that an active preventive health analysis model such as LifeComp’s, even saves lives (as high as 3 out of every 100 analyzed). Furthermore, this preventive approach is very profitable for companies and society alike.


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